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Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning using water feed pole and purified water.

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Benefits of the water feed pole window cleaning technique:

Special brushes are designed to get deep between the window frames, under sills and into each corner to ensure any dirt, leafs, spider webs and more is removed from the hard accessible places.

This often over performs the ability of getting into such places with a traditional technique.

Apart from the outstanding performance on frames it also delivers excellent results on glass by agitating, removing and rinsing off any dirt build up.

Water used to clean your windows is purified what means this will not leave water spots on your window.

Water Feed Pole technique also means no ladders what eliminates h&s hazards and potential damage risk relating to incorrect or unsafe ladder usage.

About water purification:

Water purification process removes dissolved solids such as salts and minerals from water.

The TDS value is obtained using TDS meter.

Reading for a regular tap water will usually oscillate between 150-400 and purification process enables to fully remove these solids achieving reading of 0 TDS.


Water with reading up to approximately 10-15 TDS will not leave any spots after it fully dries.

It's worth to mention that although water with low TDS value is ideal for window cleaning it shouldn't be taken for a good drinking water.


The minerals stripped from water during filtration are actually beneficial for human and many sources state that good drinking water should read between 150-350 TDS.

Cleaning in the rain:

Although we aim not to deliver our window cleaning service in bad weather sometimes it might be unavoidable to ensure continuous service.

TDS reading of rain water usually oscillates in region of 10 TDS what means that rain will not affect cleanliness of your windows.

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DI Vessel.JPG

Filtration process:

First, regular tap water is pushed through 4 stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system, this includes 3 pre-filters: 1 sediment filter and 2 micron carbon filters, and then through the RO membrane.

After this process the TDS value of filtered water will oscillate at around 10-20 TDS.

To finish the purification process this water is pushed through a DI resin vessel to remove the remaining solids what enables to achieve reading of 0 TDS.

It is important to monitor reading of the produced water and replace filters when required ideally not to exceed 5 TDS.

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